Villa Ratih, Pemuteran, Bali - What To Do

Villa Ratih Bali

Villa Ratih Bali - What to do... Snorkel, Dive, Swim, 


Trek, Eat, Love, Pray  and More...                                         Snorkelling in the waters of the Reef Garden Project                                              Diving off Bali's coastlines and around the nearby                                                  Menjangan Island...  

Scuba Diving Villa Ratih

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SNORKELLING at your front door?

Things to do in Pemuteran, Bali. Aside from the spectacular underwater splendours off Bali's coastlines and around the near Menjangan Island you might be pleasantly surprised to find that you can snorkel right off the Pemuteran beach! Snorkelling is an exciting adventure for all of the family! And all this is just a couple of minutes walk from Villa Ratih.                                                                

Villa Ratih Diving

Snorkel, Dive, Swim, Trek, Eat, Love, Pray, and more  

        Scuba Diving in the waters of Pemuteran and Menjangan  

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The underwater wonders of Menjangan Island, Pemuteran has the largest areas of shallow coral reefs in Bali and one of the largest reef restoration projects in the world and it's all conveniently located right here at your front door! Great for snorkelling, scuba diving or sightseeing in a glass bottom boat, visit the South Seas Pearl Farm - why not do it all? 

Reef, scubadive Villa Ratih Bali
Scuba-diving in Bali Snorkelling Villa Ratih

Above Menjangan and Pemuteran Bay both offer excellent snorkelling and scuba diving 

Pemuteran Bay for snorkelling Villa Ratih
Villa Ratih Bali

Snorkel, Dive, Swim, Trek, Eat, Love, Pray, and more   

                          Swimming in your own large private pool 

Large private pool Villa Ratih
Villa Ratih Bali

Snorkel, Dive, Swim, Trek, Eat, Love, Pray, and more   

                          Trekking in Bali Barat National Park 

Birds of Villa Ratih

Bali Barat National Park The list of attraction in this park includes the Black Crying Monkies, Barking Deer, and the birds seen at the park are White-breasted Woodswallow, Glossy Swiftlet, Common Tern, Bridled Tern, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Pink-necked Green Pigeon, Olive-backed Sunbird, Bali Starling, Lesser Coucal, Bar-winged Prinia, Small Minivet, White-shouldered Triller, Great Tit, Golden-bellied Gerygone, Java Sparrow, Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker, Pied Fantail, Zebra Dove, Island Collared Dove, Chestnut-headed Bee-eater, Green Junglefowl, Crested Serpent-Eagle, Coppersmith Barbet, Small Blue Kingfisher, & Pink-necked Green Pigeon. That's some of the birds but there are also the barking deer, and  crying black monkeys and the diving.

rosa at Barat National Park
Scuba Divers
Barat Park Map

When in the park a must-do is a visit the Beautiful Building ((picture far right)  totally made from wood. Several floors to climb but the view from the top is truly something to behold. Plan a lunch at PANTAI RESTAURANT in the park down at Sentigi Beach is a small Cafe/Restaurant featuring mouthwatering seafood dishes and a barbecue grill. Guests dine on the wooden deck with the gentle waves playing beneath their feet, by the beach or in secluded gazebos intimately located within the mangrove maze. Mind you, there is nothing like taking it easy - after all you are on holidays, so lounging around on the beach, or just take a casual stroll following the wooden path to a "swing -type jetty" sitting on the jetty and just dangling your toes in the water, taking in the small fish darting around the corals.  Find a seat in the shade at the cafe and enjoy a cappuccino, you can take it all in at your own pace. Yes, you are on holidays!

Barat Park Lunch Cafe
Barat Tower
Villa Ratih Bali

Snorkel, Dive, Swim, Trek, Eat, Love, Pray, and more  

                          Eating in the Pemuteran area

Food of Bali Taman Sari
Bali Food Villa Ratih
Ingredients bali Fo0d

There is an abundance of fresh seafood and local mini super-markets offer a variety of snacks, drinks etc. Attend a Cooking School and learn how to use local ingredients (left).

Besides the delights of the Taman Sari Restaurant  there are several eateries, and hotel restaurants along the beach and warongs, eateries, restaurants, a bakery, cafes, a mini-mart along the main road, where you will find traditional Balinese foods, as well as various fresh fruits, sweets and drinks. The mini-mart offers besides essential grocery needs, ice-creams and chocolates, biscuits, mild and soft-drinks. There are even places that offer french fries and burgers! (below)

french Fries
Lunch at villa Ratih
Villa Ratih Bali

Dive, Swim, Trek, Eat,  Love, Pray, and more  

                 Love and discover the beauty of the area

Love Villa Ratih
Romantic view

Ratih is the goddess of Love and this place is so romantic....  perfect for a honeymoon, a quiet family stay, or just the right place to fall in love all over again! Some of our guests are artists, adventurers, bankers, and designers, some have written a book, others music and songs,and many of our guests leave inspired and promise to return - we hope that you will enjoy your stay and we look forward to your return.

Villa Ratih Beach Walk
eat, love, pray
Eat, Love, Pray, Dive, Villa Ratih

  Dive, Swim, Trek, Eat,  Love, Pray, and more   

       Pray, you can visit the many temples in the area and feel at peace

Aside from the spectacular underwater splendors off its coastline and around the nearby Menjangan Island you can also find many interesting temples. Scuba-dive, snorkel and pray!

The Temple with dragons

Above: Dragon sculptures (Naga Anthaboga and Naga Basuki) pictured above.

Eat Love Pray Villa Ratih

The village of Pemuteran is surrounded by temples. Among the most notable are Pura Agung Pulaki, Pura Pabean and Pura Melanting. To the east of Pemuteran Viallage, the templese located in separate places in this area form what is known as the Pulaki Temples Complex. The complex is centered at the Pura Agung Pulaki, while 6 other temples known as its pesanakan or families are Pura Pabean, Pura Kerta Kawat, Pura Melanting, Pura Belatungan, Pura Puncak Manik and Pura Pemuteran, According to local beliefs, the 7 temples represent the Hindu's concept of the Sapta Loka and Sapta Parala or 7 layers of the universe 

Pura Pabean sitting enchantingly on a small hill on the shore overlooking the picturesque coast of Pemuteran. While the view is already a pleasure on its own, the architectural feature is equally magnificent. With, two gigantic dragon sculptures (Naga Anthaboga and Naga Basuki) decorating  the main entrance, the temple displays  an unusual blend of Balinese culture and Chinese decorations. 
The Temple is said to have been dedicated to the ancestors of the early seafarers from China and other  countries visiting Bali. The name Pabean itself is said to bederived from  the word “bea” , which in Balinese (and Bahasa Indonesia) means “customs” and is closely related to customs activities on sea traders in the port. Thus, this temple is frequently visited by ethnic Chinese living in Bali and local fishermen and seafarers.

Eat, Love, Pray, Bali

 Dive, Swim, Trek, Eat,  Love, Prayand more  

                 Much more, discover the beauty of the region

Pearl farming

Visit the South Seas Pearl Farm 

South Seas Pearls
sitting on Jetty

Sitting on the dock of the Bay or kayaking