Villa Ratih, Pemuteran, Bali - Photos

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 Villa Rati
VillaRatih garden photos

 You will find that the gardener has excelled himself here in keeping the grounds in superb condition - even the butterflies are happy here!

VillaRatih, Bali, entrance, photos

Villa Ratih your home in Bali

The Villa features a grand and welcoming entrance  -

You cannot help but feel very pampered once you have entered

this very private haven.

VillaRatih daybed and garden photos


VillaRatih, Bali, photos

A natural & environmentally friendly and extremely decorative roof adorns each building of the villa   

VillaRatih, Bali, ornate ceiling photos

These natural and environmentally friendly and extremely decorative roof adorns also the interior of all villa suites.  

VillaRatih, Bali, photos, Junior 3

Above - The Junior Suite accessible by stairs (right) has twin beds, ensuite-bathroom and balcony (below).

VillaRatih, Bali, photos, Bathroom

Indoor bathroom, separate toiler & shower. There are 3 bathrooms at Villa Ratih.

VillaRatih, Bali, Balcony, Junior
VillaRatih, Bali, garden photos

Villa Ratih at Taman Sari Resort a 3 bedroom villa with private pool. 

Plenty of space for the entire family to enjoy 

VillaRatih, Bali, Queen, photos

Above - Queen Suite - queen-size bed   - Ahh lovely,  and the staff come and clean your room and make up the bed everyday! 

Ahhh, no house-work to do - this is a holiday! 

VillaRatih, Bali, Garden, photos

Rooms are separated with garden areas, shrine, pool with deck and waterlily ponds. 

VillaRatih, Bali, photos, Junior3

Below, Garden features a Hindu Shrine

VillaRatih, Bali, photos, Shrine
VillaRatih, Bali, Beach, photos

There's the beach and as well as your own private pool. Great fun for the whole family, Bali is truly a wonderful place! Come and Enjoy!

You can entertain the whole family with traditional dance performances  in your own villa! The cost is very reasonable.Reception will organise everything for you.

The YAP Foundation was set up to try to help children who would like to continue to go to school as well as proving them with all the extra curricular help and support they need. It is possible to have these young students perform traditional dance - for further information & costs contact Reception at Taman Sari

VillaRatih, Bali, photos, traditional dance
Allow the staff to help you celebrate a special birthday, a romantic dinner on the beach, flowers, cake, there are many very special  occasions that deserve a Bali Celebration.
celebrate your birthday at Villa Ratih
There's nothing better than Breakfast right on the Beach! Pemuteran is truly a wonderful area.
breakfast on the Beach

 Massage at the Spa - for further information & costs contact Reception at Taman Sari

Or just spend time relaxing poolside - it's your own private pool so you can swim 24/7 !!! 

Villa Ratih at Taman Sari Resort, Pemuteran, Bali

VillaRatih, Bali, Infinity Pool, photos